Second Chances

Michaela - Carmel, California
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I used to take second chances for granted, they didn’t hold much meaning to me so I was able to ignore the past and just move on. But after Jason came along, I learned that second chances are more important than I realized. I learned that sometimes, the work that is put into a good friendship isn’t as easy as it seems.

I first met Jason in eighth grade he was a dork, but as the year come to a close, I made a profound and unexpected realization; there was something about him that I loved, something I had never felt before. The next thing I knew we were at the eighth grade dance, when a slow song came on. By this time I was used to taking this time to do other things, but as I turned to leave the dance floor Jason walked up and asked me to dance. I remember that feeling so well, every detail, frozen in time eternally. At the end of the night I knew, he was perfect for me.

We ended up dating and I fell head over heels in love with him. We dated for a little less than a year before I broke up with him. Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Instead of him being angry but still my friend, he did the opposite; he got depressed and shut himself off. He stayed as far away from me as he could for a long time, and I didn’t hear a word from him for months. I thought that it would make me happy, instead all I felt was loss.

I’ve lost a lot in my life but this couldn’t compare. I felt like part of me had been ripped out and taken far away, to a place that I could never get at. For months he refused to speak to me unless he had something mean or rude to say. In return for breaking his heart, he broke mine. I still believed that somehow, it would work out.

Then he started speaking to me again; just minimal conversations at first. The summer was almost over and we were sort of friends again. I had gotten a second chance. But he didn’t trust me, and I knew it. It took a long time, and a lot of hard work, but we have finally become friends again. Maybe even best friends, but it didn’t come easily.

We only got back to this point because we both were willing to put the effort in so we could be close again. Second chances are a gift. I’ve learned to never take second chances for granted. They don’t come along very often, and I treasure them whenever they do. I will never take a second chance for granted again. They are too important, and if we let them pass us by then we will never really know the true passion that comes from friendship and building trust. This I believe.