The better of the brothers.

Emily - Lonsdale, Minnesota
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Younger and stronger, Luigi is better than Mario. His sweetheart is Daisy and his rival is, as everyone knows this, Mario. A lot of things have been named after Mario. These things include: Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, Mario Golf, and Baby Mario. How many things were named after Luigi? Maybe, a least, one: Luigi’s Mansion. He gets hardly any recognition from the crowd when Mario is next to him in the spot light. In a lot of ways, Mario and Luigi are alike. Yet everyone likes the older brother, and don’t bother to pay attention to Luigi.

Does he mean nothing to people? No, there are people that find Luigi better than Mario. Take me for example. I have always liked Luigi, and have never really seen why everyone was so fond of Mario. He is, and always will be, better than his oppressor. Luigi is better. End of story. You can always know it is him coming down the road because of his green hat with a big “L” on it. It stands for Luigi, not loser as most people think. Mario wears a “M” on his hat. He is shorter than Luigi, therefore he cannot run as fast.

He is the one and only Luigi and he is the strongest of the Mario Bros! Luigi has the better gal, in my opinion. That just goes to show you that Luigi thinks blondes are not “better” than brunettes. He is shy, selfless and tall, with a moustache! Whenever you play a game with him in it, you will for sure win!

I believe that Luigi is better than Mario. This is my opinion, so I did not mean to offend anyone. Luigi is king.