I belive that Boys are Dumb

Ashley - Montgomery, Minnesota
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This is believe that all boys are dumb. I beleive this because I have been hurt and lied to by many boys in the past. No one should have to deal with being hurt and losing their self esteem.

My story begins with my life as a girl. Life as a teenage girls mostly consists of family friends and BOYS, being a girl i know that all or most girls want to be the center of attention and attrack the eye of any boy.

One time when i was freshman in high school, i have had this crush on the same boy for about 4 years and i swear he never even noticed me. I remember one time in 7th grade him talking about him lking me back and i was so excited and could not wait to go to school each and see him. But whenever i would go and talk to him he would ignore me.

The next couple weeks i called his house and talked to him for about an hour and let him know how i felt and he confessed his feelings for me as well, my life went amazing.

Then the boys are dumb comes into play we would talk and talk until one day i noticed he was especially ignoring me. I tried and tried until one of my good friends had come up to me and told me he was dating one of my friends and i was heart broken, i wanted to just cry and cry. In which i did i went to the girls bathroom and cried for a good twenty minutes till someone had to come and get me.

After freshman year i moved to a small llittle town and i forgot all about that one boy but he always trys to get intouch with me. ONe day i get a random call after like not seeing him for about 2 years telling me that he wishes that he would never denied me and been such a jerk, but i made sure that he knew very clearly that i was over it and have moved on and he lost his chance.

I believe boys are dumb because they want what they cant have and dont know what they are missing till they dont have it around them or handed to them on a platter. I will always have a harsh way on looking and dealing with boys for the rest of my life for the fact of getting hurt in my near furture.