Rain is Relaxing

Tonya - Midland, Michigan
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature, pleasure

This I Believe

I believe that the rain is relaxing. The rain drops falling onto the roof of the house. When it rains I like to go outside on a close porch and just listen to the rainfall. I could read a book for hours on end. It will take away all of my stress that I have. Some people can fall asleep to it. When the lighting and the thunder come it is cool. Some times it is loud and sometimes it can be quiet. The thunder can be loud sometimes but it sounds cool. When the loud thunder comes it scares my mom because when she was little she almost fell off her bed and ever since then she has been scared of the thunderstorms. I believe that the rain relaxes me but at the same time it can scare me or make me feel happy.

When it’s raining I can’t see out the windows when I’m driving. The windows get forged up and you have to turn up the heat and put down the window a little so you won’t get to hot. I really don’t like to drive in the rain because of the forged up windows but I always have to.

When it is raining there are sometimes hail that can hurt you and sometimes it can dent your car. Hail is like big snowballs that are hard and they can hurt if one hits you if there is a thunderstorm it scares me. The thing that I’m scared of is that the trees in my yard might fall down on my house there also can be a tornado in the thunderstorm, you never know. I have never seen a tornado and I don’t never want to because of the damage that they can do thunder is like bowling pins falling down when you get a strike.

If you don’t like the rain or it scares you, that is ok too. It can scare a lot of people. Some people don’t even come out of their house when it rains. They wait until it stops raining to do anything. I really hated when I had to stand outside in the rain and wait for the bus to come because the bottom of my pants would get wet and I would be cold the rest of the day until they were dry. My family likes to go outside and play in the rain. One day we went swimming in the lake when it was down pouring. It was cool, but when you got out of the water you would be very cold. I would always get out of the water when I saw lighting because I didn’t want to get hit by it. I think that the lighting looks like a flash on a camera.

The most beautiful thing about the rain is the rainbow that comes out after the rain and the sun is shining. You can see almost all the colors in the rainbow when you get to see one. Rainbow doesn’t always come out after the rain but most of the time they do. I believe that the rain relaxes me but at the same time it can scare you or make you feel happy. So the next time it rains listen to it and try to see if it really relaxes you.