Preserving the Past

Sean - North Pole, Alaska
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Preserving the Past

I believe that collecting items is a necessity. I keep my belongings forever to remember my past. If you get rid of things, then you’re getting rid of your memories and you’re past. How would you like if one day you could remember something cool and had something to remember it by but then that reminder disappeared? I, for one, would be very disappointed and I’m sure other people would feel the same way.

One time, when my mom was looking for things that she could sell at a yard sale at our new house, she raided my room and my closet. Next thing I know, she is walking out of my room with a tower of boxes that are filled with old toys, some of which were things that I hadn’t played with in ages. Even things as far back as when I was toddler were in some of the boxes. When I saw this, I immediately protested against her. I swore to her that I need to keep my stuff for if they were gone then my past would also be gone as well as the reminder.

After time to think it over, my mom slowly put the boxes back and a wave of relief and triumph swept over me. I slept well that night, but in my slumber, somebody went through my closet that night and made off with all those boxes of my possessions. I had been robbed by my own parents! My past had been taken away from me and I was devastated. Although after a couple weeks, I reluctantly got over it and felt better about making more room in my closet for cooler things like paintball gear and four-wheeling equipment.

Another time, I always take pictures of the places that I go on family vacations. I would take pictures of places that had funny names or of mountains before and after I hiked up it. The problem was that when I got home to download a boatload of pictures. In the process of moving the pictures to the computer, all of them had vanished. I spent hours searching over and over for the missing pictures. At that moment, I had to give up and try to download again. Instead, my camera had no pictures to give. It had gotten rid of all of them as they were being downloaded! Once again, I went into my state of shock. All those memories: gone. All those events and activities: gone. Erased from my mind, I do not have any reminders now. I called upon my dad for assistance in the case that he might know what to do. In about five minutes, he had found the pictures. I felt so dumbfounded, for they were in the same place every time I download pictures. That is when I realized that preserving the past is very important to me.

by Sean Cahill