My friends and family

Drew - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe it is better to spend time with friends and family rather then isolating myself in my room playing video games. People that I care about fulfill me as a person.

When I was about 12 years old, my friend and I rode our bikes over to the park and I was teaching him how to ride his bike no handed. I coasted into the ditch and flipped head over heels on to the pavement. When I landed, I put all my weight onto my wrist breaking it. My friend stayed and helped me up after I fell. He took my bike because I was holding my arm and then we walked up to the casino in Chestnut Ridge Park. While we waited my friend and I walked into the bathroom and he helped me clean up the blood that was on my face and on my wrist. He told me not to look into the mirror because my face was very scratched up. I thanked my friend for staying and waiting for my parents to come and pick me up and then he left to go home. Every time when I look at my scars I think of my friend staying and helping me when I am hurt. That’s when I truly realized that good friends are more important then just friends because they will look after me and I will look after them in times like this.

When my friend asked me to help him put spin on his bowling ball I told him to ask someone else and I helped one of my new friends. A week later after he didn’t talk to me I realized that new friends come and go but old friends should stay together forever. When I finally helped him, I got him to improve his average from a 100 to a 150. He was glad I helped him because the person he went to didn’t help him at all. All in all, we have been best friends ever since. Looking back at this event has got me to think that good friends and forgive up to a certain point. True friends accept each other for what they are and not what they do.

One Christmas when my dad bought us a video game system we thanked him very much. A couple of years later after my parents got a divorce we went I had to make a decision of taking the game system back because he was going to sell it. When we got together we made to choice of taking to system because it was ours in the first place. When we go and see him we usually go and visit relatives and talk about things that happen in our lives and we have a great time talking about it. When we went down to visit him for that one time that year we had gotten him distracted and we put the system in the suit case that we brought our cloths in. We took all the games and we got him to tell the truth for what he was going to use to money on. By the time we got home he call use and asked if we took the system and we told him the truth because it was ours in the first place. I realized that sticking together is much better off than being enemies.

True friends walk in when other friends walk out. Every time when I get into an incident I have friends who suppot me and help me in every way.