I believe in Santa

Dianna - Eielson AFB, Alaska
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Santa Claus.

I believe in Santa Claus, who rides in a sleigh, flown by reindeers just to see smiles and cheer. There are gizmos, and gadgets, and stuffed animals galore that were all made in his factories from his heart and his soul. He’s got all of these elves who help him out by hammering, screwing, and wrapping the presents and coal. All to make the kids around the world believe in him. Kids believe in Santa for different reasons, but that’s what makes Santa the one who gives hope to little children.

I believe he feeds his reindeer with love and tender care. The reindeers fly in the sky above the roofs and chimneys. Just waiting to see a glimpse of sleeping little boys and girls all over the world. The reindeers fly to The United States, England, and even to Germany just to see their little faces light up with cheer. As the children lie in their bed with grins from ear to ear, the reindeer see why they fly from corner to corner with gifts galore.

I believe that Santa has factories that are never silent because of those elves. The elves sing Christmas carols with joy and cheer, while munching on cookies and sipping hot cocoa, to give them a little burst.

There’s huge Christmas trees that glisten and glare from big ornaments and lights. There are Christmas presents to kids around the world that all have Santa Claus as the giver. There’s gingerbread men and houses all decorated with style, with little churches and shops, so neatly placed about. That makes the perfect village to look at,(and eat.)

I believe in the magic of Santa who flies down chimneys without making a sound, who fills the stocking with toys and candy. He also puts the presents from his heart under the tree without making a peep. After his hard, he reads his letter and then eats his cookies before going to another house, without getting caught.

Kids believe in Santa for all different reasons, but that’s what makes Santa, the one who gives hope to little kids. I believe in Santa, but not because he brings me gifts. I hope that other adults, kids, and I have something to believe in. I believe that believing makes a person a real person. Most of the people around the world have believed in Santa Claus, which makes me believe even more that there is a Santa Claus to bring hope and laughter to the world.