Ryon - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that friendship is important in people lives. Friendship should be something that everyone cherishes. A good friendship could help a person throughout their life. Friendship takes patience and consideration.

When you are down I believe that you should have a perfect friend in mind to go to and talk about your problem when you are down a good friend should be there to brighten your day. When you and your mate get into an altercation you could call a faithful friend. As I was growing up I always had a great friendship with my older sister. If I gotten into trouble at school and had to be punished by my mother I could always go to my sister and explain my side of the story and she would listen and hear me out. Even if I’m wrong my sister would be there to bag me up, like the time when my sister had took my side when I was trying to explain my point to my mother about when I was suspended from school I had with this upper classman who tried to bully me. I was telling my mother that I was forced to defend myself after the boy had said he was going to beat up on me. My mother didn’t care about that at all; all she knew is that I was suspended.

My sister on the other hand had understood my point of view and sided with me. My sister helped me argue my point with my mother trying to low the punishment that I would receive. I believe that a friendship should go father than just hanging out and having fun I believe that a friend should always have you back when the going get tough. If you need some guidance you should have someone to look forward to. A friend would never go behind your back and talk down about you to others.

I believe that if you and a friend get into an altercation that is o.k. only if you two could possibly work through them to get back on the same page as one another. I believe that if you cannot work through a problem with them and get them seeming to understand that you made a mistake and you admit to your mistake and they just would not except the fact that you understand the fact that you did it that’s not a friend that you need to be trying to reason with.