Do you believe in santa?

Lindsey - Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In spirit of the holidays, I would like to say that I believe in Santa with all of my heart. Maybe there isn’t a jolly old man in a red suit delivering presents in a sleigh with flying reindeer, but Santa is the embodiment of the Christmas spirit. He is capable of making children smile, and bringing family and friends together during this hectic time of year. Santa is so much more than a fairy tale; he is very much alive in hearts during this season of giving.

One of my favorite things about Santa is not only the presents under the tree, but the way he can bring friends and family together during the Christmas chaos. I know that this has been proven in my family. With both of my parents working and my sister and I going to school, times get a little crazy around the holidays. Somewhere in our busy schedules, we always find time for each other. I have wonderful memories growing up of the family trip to the department store to sit on Santa’s lap, and going to the post office to mail letters that my sister and I had worked so hard on. Some of my favorite memories happen to be the hours we spent in the kitchen baking cookies that had to be just right for Santa, or everyone sitting in front of the fire place on Christmas Eve to read about Santa in Twas the Night before Christmas. And of course who can forget the excitement on Christmas morning as you race down the stairs to see what Santa left for you? These memories of time spent together are part of what the spirit of Santa is about.

What makes Santa real is when we take on his role of giving to other people. For example, when you or your organization decides to adopt an angel from the angel tree, you are giving that child a Christmas, and becoming Santa for them. That is what makes him real many children are confused by the dozens of Santas that line the streets every year ringing bells for donations, or the ones in department stores and malls all across the nation. That’s when parents get the age old question, “Which one is the real Santa?”. While there are several answers to this question, I have decided that they are all real. Every single one meets the requirements to be Santa. They make people smile, and are willing to give. What you give doesn’t even matter. It’s wonderful to be able to give food to the food bank or toys to the orphanage, but it is the spirit that matters. The real Santa lives inside each of us as long as we carry on what he stands for, the spirit of giving. With all of these things considered there is one thing you should ask yourself. Do you believe in Santa?