What I believe beauty is… and stuff that lead you away from it

Hung - USA
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that beauty is truly what’s inside of you then what’s outside. That people these days copy what they see on commercials on TV, or magazines, and then the next day you see them dressed as that person not knowing if they’re being themselves or acting like that person that saw in the magazine. That they should just be themselves whether then be a poser or a wannabe these days.

Beauty is more than just looks it’s about what you do and how you do it. Like you can help someone across the street and you don’t even have to know them, and just by doing that you can have insight about whys it so beautiful. There is other stuff that has to deal with beauty that I believe in. For example family, they will always be there for me whenever I go through tough times and just knowing they’re by your side is such a beautiful sides, and friends fit in with this because they are also like family to me. Other things that I think that represents beauty to me is nature, because it is always changing. It can always cheer you up when your having a bad day just by looking at that beautiful sunset, or just looking at a rainbow, and one funny thing that represents beauty to me is RICE! Its color and texture is so beautiful, and its easy to prepare and very healthy.

But there are some things that will lead us away from what beauty is, like media they sometimes will give you false information, and sometimes you’re just going to go along with it, because after all they are the news. There are other stuff like gossip and rumors, because what the person who is sending these messages to other people hasnt even gone up to the person they’re talking about and get there side of the story. What these people are trying to do is just make peoples life miserable and to me thats really not beautiful unethical.

But one last thing is that you should cherish your five senses because you don’t know when one of them is going to give out. A couple days ago our teacher gave us a project in which we could go blind for the day, be mute, or to be deaf because we were learning about beauty and what we perceive it as. So I decided to become blind because that’s what I thought would help me understand beauty better. So the next day I came to school, and brought a blindfold with me, and right when the bell ranged I put it on, and I was engulfed in darkness. Already I was missing one of my precious senses… my sight! So I started asking someone if they could guide me to class and sure enough they did… so the beauty of it all was that even though this person I asked was a stranger to me she still led to me class so that was beautiful. But there was some bad things that occured when I was blind. People were being mean and cruel and they would hit me or try to trip me when i was trying to get to my class which i thought was immature. But one part that i thought was amazing or beautiful was, like you know how when you lose a sense your other sense increase well thats what happened to me. I was able to hear somewhat better then i used to before, and when i went to lunch my smell increase drastically so that was cool. Overall I learned that being blind has its up and down but to be blind day to day is such a hard thing these people who have to go through this every day is very sad.

Beauty, is something that you experience everyday even though you dont know it, and one day when you see someone who looks like they need help just go help them.