This I Believe

Rod - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: disability

This I believe that blindness is beauty. So far I have gone through life with what most people call the luchtuary of sight. But after I Had to go threw an entire day blindfolded, I see it a different way.

Going through a whole day blind really showed me how much we rely on our site to observe beauty, and we are only seeing the half of it. When I was blind I really noticed things, that I had not seen before, the food I ate smelt and tasted different, I was able to tell what I was around me just by lessening to things I had just Ignored, forgetting, or just flat out did not about. When I was out side I could hear the wind throwing the leaves around me as I went form one class to anther

During class their was so many new textures, smells, and sounds, it was kind of amazing. By the end of the day I was able to tell who was around me, what they were doing, and how far away they were. The texture was probably the most important séance that I used that day. I was able to tell what any thing was, where it was, therefore where I was relative to everything else.

Thought the day I started to imagine the world around d me. I was able to see mixtures of colors all the time. It was like the 4th of July, with all the reds, whites, and blues, along with some greens, yellows and oranges through in. With every person, with every noise their were different colors. I started to understand what I read in a book on time it said “Sight has made you lazy, otherwise how could you trip over something that you had clearly seen.” At the end of the day I remembered that I had not tripped over anything all day, witch is a rarity for me. That s when I realized that being able to see had really made us lazy and we don’t see that whole picture. I found that I was paying more action to the world around me, and imagining everything around me.

This project remained me of this show about this blind kid who goes through the day with out a cane or any thing, he just goes around making click sounds, and lessening to how they bounce back to him., he goes through life just like we do, but he imagines where what the world looks like.

The colors were just an amazing part of the experience and just one of the most beautiful things I ever experienced, and the thing that you can tell form the colors of someone’s voice.

I think that being blind really shows you who people really are; it doesn’t even need to be people you talk to. The nice people, who genarly care about people, will come up to you and ask if you need any thing, or if they can walk you too class. When I was walking to one of my classes my guide left me. I guess this girl, that I had never talked to saw me struggling a bit, and came to walk me to class. That was one of the best experiences of this project, just being able to see that their are good people out their who wont care about what other people think if they go help another person in need. As always when there is good their will always be bad, a lot of bad. No Im not saying that every one was being mean, just a lot of them. Now if I was really blind, I know that not as many people would be mean. In fact I think that they would become just as helpful as every one else. Yet their will still be some of thaws people who are just plane mean. I was able to tell the different between the three just by the way they talked.

The nice people had a nice, sweet, and caring tone to their voice. When I herd them talk I saw all different blues, and yellows. Now the people who just didn’t care about you would have red, greens, and blacks when they would talk. This was by far the most interesting part of the day, just to realize what type of people that you hang out with

Maybe the most important thing that being blind did was to take away the stereotypes, and the predigest form people. When your blind skin color doesn’t matter, because you can’t tell if someone’s is Black, White, or Hispanic. Their would be a lot more inter racial commuting, that would broaden our thought prospective. Naturally we tend to socialize with people who look like us, witch is very bad, but it has been getting better the past few years. We would learn so much more about people if we really had an array of people we talked to.

It reminds me of this show Moesha. During Black History month, Moesha is researching her favorite African American hero. Then one day at lunch Antonio unveils his mural portrait of Mexican-American’s migrating. Moesha is mad because there are no Black people in the panting. The next day all the black people asked if Antonio would put Black people in the portrait, but he said no. The next day at lunch the portrait was destroyed, all he Hispanics think that Moesha did it and none of the black people think she did. Their was a big argument and almost a fight between the two races. At the end it all turns out all right when the wall is painted black two weeks later.

I think that if everyone would go threw at least one day blind folded, and got read of all the stereotypes and saw the beauty of it, the world would be a better place. This I believe that blindness is beauty because it makes us close our eyes and imagine the world in a different way.