Beauty depends on Situation

Georg - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that beauty can be found in any situation, Beauty is everywhere, sometimes you can see Beauty right away and sometimes you have to look harder to find it, for example Nature you can find Beauty in Nature easier than elsewhere. Once we had a Project for school. There we had to put on a Blindfold from beginning of school till the end of school. We had to walk from class to class without looking to get to know how a blind person would feel and go through a normal day. At first it was difficult but it got easier the more I learned to rely on my other senses. When I was on my way from one class to another I started realizing things I didn’t before the smell of the refreshing wind, the taste of the oxygen filled air, the felling of the cold air on my skin and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. This is one example of the beauty in nature seeing it without using your eyes. I kept on walking and slowly made my way to my class on the way I met people who helped me around. I guess it took me 6 minutes to get to my next class and when I finally entered the classroom, I was late because it was really quiet and the teacher asked me why I was late and I told her it took me some time to find the classroom with my blindfold. She said it was ok and I slowly made my way towards my table. I listened to the students who commented on what the teacher said and I got a better picture of the classroom and where everybody was the more people spoke. I realized that the teacher had the tables arranged in an L Format and that there seemed to be four tables since in that teachers class were only 18 students. The door seemed to be closed because every time somebody walked out or in there was a “pshat” sound. I heard the sound of the clock ticking so I had to be close to it. The teacher was to my front right so I had to be on the right side of the room. Also I felt the cold air coming from above so I was close to a ventilation exit on the sealing. Our classrooms are connected to others and only separated by moveable walls. Every time the teacher wrote something on the board I had to ask my Neighbors what she was writing but that didn’t happen a lot because she was too busy talking all the time. When we got worksheets they were full of questions and I tried working them but that wasn’t that easy. Surprisingly I just started asking my neighbors the question and tried answering one question after another. Writing without knowing what to write on or where is really fun you just try to find the spot where the question would be and start writing. I got a lot of help from my sister she was sitting right next to me, her name is Katharina. The class was German 4 with Mr. Mueller the only German teacher at our school. He let us work in really small groups and I was in the group with my sister, a boy named Clevin and a Girl. The worksheet included a lot of hard reading material and a question sheet. We had a lot of fun doing that and they kept on thinking it was funny, me being in a blindfold. It was good that I had German on that day because that class counts to one of my easier classes. When we started working I listened carefully as my sister read word for word of the reading material. She read loud and clearly like a British actor. We kept on doing that until the teacher came towards us it sounded to me like a train was coming fast into a train station. He asked us how far we got and we said well we went through two reading texts and answered all the questions about the first and three quarter the questions on the second. He said good went over the answers with us and he asked about one question which answer I memorized I said the answer and he asked me how I knew that that one was the right one and I explained to him that I remembered that Question, It made me so happy and it seemed really Beautiful to me, in that Situation. My teacher was really surprised that I had actually remembered that question. That exact second after I exhaled from the sudden burst of Happiness, the bell rang and school was over, we were now allowed to take off the blindfold and as I saw again for the first time in about 5 hours, it seemed to me as the most beautiful moment that entire day. The room was well lit so I closed my eyes again immediately but I opened them shortly after that and the light seemed like the doorway to Heaven as I could finally see again. I was happy being able to walk around without help and getting everywhere fast, but then I realized that all the beautiful things I saw when I was blind, I can’t see them now that I have my eyes open, so sometimes I just close them and listen to the Wind and hearing it play its own melody for me and all the other people out there who are willing to listened to beautiful things that you can’t see immediately but that you can see if you concentrate.