Beauty to the Unseen

Stephanie - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that to have trust, love, and to be caring is beautiful. “When we trust; we’re never so vulnerable-but if we cannot trust, neither can we find love” (by Walter Anderson). The beauty of trusting a person, is that we find ourselves happy to trust that person; even though if that person has the power to hurt us physically or emotionally. Love; the beauty of love is when that person cares for you, or you care for them, and you trust that person and they trust you. Caring is showing that in some way you show them love.

I was blindfolded for a whole day at school. I felt and herd beauty in many different ways, but the way it stood out to me most was trust and love. I wasn’t the only blind person, but all the people that were blind had to find someone to take them to their classes. That person was going to be my eyes for the day.

I trusted him, because the way his hands felt around me, making me feel safe. Guiding me through the halls and repeating “excuse me! There’s a blind person.” I knew he cared, it was sweet and lovable. I had other people take me to classes also; there was an atmosphere of trust in the whole school. One person that took me to places was a girl that I had barley met. Her hands were smooth and her voice was sweet. When you are blind you pay more attention to noises and what you feel. To trust that person it made me happy. I was able to get to places and be able to trust people. Even though that girl didn’t know me as much; she cared that I wouldn’t get hurt and that’s what counted.

I then hugged a best friend; she was also blind. I have hugged her many times, but I think this hug was the best. Her voice saying my name asking where was I, and her warm huge hug that I got when she found me. It was friendship love. I had never felt so close to someone; it was beautiful. We had people guide us through the halls, and both of us asking for each other. We cared for each other that neither of us would get hurt.

Many people cared for the blind that day. Random people would help random people. Even the blind would help the blind. I guess whatever situation we are we are always going to have someone caring, someone that gives love, and someone that we can trust.

Being blind helped me notice thing’s more then when I can see. I saw more to trust, love, and people caring. When being blind I felt that people trusted each other more than usual. Trusted each other in a different way. People cared more for people, because some people didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Love that is something that you have to experience on your own. Love dominated everything, because the huge hugs that I had from a friends.

Not only do I believe that having trust, love, and to be caring is beautiful; I also believe that blind people see more beauty in things deeper in life more then what we the people that can see, see. They have to use more the other senses to be able to survive. Beauty to them is more emotions and what they feel physically while touching something or what they hear around them. What they smell coming out of kitchen or trash can.

I had to hear to a movie “Wall-E.” The beauty of hearing, all the noises going on in the movie. Different noises when there was danger, sadness, happiness, and love between both robots. In the movie there wasn’t any talking of the characters, we had to go deep into movie to know what was going on. It was beautiful because I didn’t have to see it to be able to know what was going on. When I was blind I had to feel my surroundings where I was, to make sure I wasn’t going to fall.

Being able to find beauty in what I couldn’t see, but what I could hear and touch. You don’t have to be able to see to find beauty it all just comes from the heart.