Blind Beauty

Ozvaldo - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: gratitude

Beauty as a blind person. I had a really bad day that day. People who didnt know what our class were doing that day took it as a joke and tried to take advantage of us. People would trip us and we could hear them make fun of us. I actually got hit with a water bottle on my head and got slapped plenty of times. I really wanted to take my blind-fold off just to see who were doing those things so i could of done something about it the next day. I got really frustrated most of the time and also felt like taking my blind-fold off and just take a peek of where i was and to make sure if i was walking the right direction. But then if i would of done that i would’nt get the point of our project right. I dont know why but when i was walking down the hallway to my next class, i kept getting a feeling i was going to walk off a random cliff, which is weird because we were inside a building. Or if i wasn’t looking i felt like the walls were going to start moving and im going to be stuck in the middle. But luckily some of my good friends guided me through the day and made my day way much easier then it would of been without them. I guess beauty is really what you think is beautiful. I see beauty and me being myself and having the best life i can have with my closest friends and family. I couldnt imagine myself being blind for the rest of my life. I almost couldnt do it for a day. They mist really see life a way different way then the way we do. And if i would wake up one day without sight i dont think i could handle it.