This i belive essay

Jeanet - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that beauty can be find in kindness and in friendship. At first I thought that beauty was only found in pretty people and that the only beauty that excited was the physical beauty. As I grew up my perspective for beauty continued to be the same never really pay so much attention to this simple word “beauty” for me it was just like any other word out there. Now what I believe is that beauty can be found anywhere, it’s all around us even in the places where you last expect it. Beauty isn’t only about look is about what you have inside of you or what we call inter beauty.

What made me realized that I was wrong about what beauty really is and that made me appreciate more life and our 5 senses was November 25, 2008 that day I will never forget. So in humanities class one of our lectures talked about what beauty really is, what it means to other people and in what prospective most people have beauty in. When I hared this in my head I was like ok this is so stupid we all no what beauty is beauty is j-low, Beyonce, Cassie, Rihanna, and all those other beautiful singers that’s beauty nothing much really to say about it beauty is just beautiful famous people.

When my humanities awesome teacher Mr. Owens stared giving us topics to write about beauty my prospective was still the same nothing really changed about it, it was just still the same old thing. Then when he made us draw something of what we thought was beautiful for us I had no clue on what to draw, I was just going to go on the internet print a picture of Cassie and just trace it over and color it in, but then I stop and thought about something else and I said to myself well I really prefer drawing a rose because for me roses are just the most beautiful flower on earth. The next day I turn in my rose I was happy with what I had drawn. Our lecture about beauty continued getting towards the end of this lecture Mr. Owens said we had to come up with an idea for our final project about beauty. All of us were thinking of something really good to show that we did understand that beauty is every where.

The big project that we decided to make was to go blind for one day at school. Yes I know sounds dumb but actually thanks to this final a lot of people including my self found out another meaning for beauty the beauty of our 5sences. See what we did was go to school with a blind fold or something to cover up your eyes. What I did wasn’t going blind but I did go mute for a day.

The experience I had that day was awesome and I know for a fact that I’m not going to forget about it being mute has been the hardest final I had during all these years I been at school. I have learned to appreciate me having a mouth to talk because with out talking I have no clue what would I do I think I would go crazy no lie. For me it was so hard to communicate with my fiend Valerie because she was blind folded and I was mute so I couldn’t talk and she couldn’t see how does that work? Right I no that’s funny. So I my friend and me had to look for a way to understand each other and what we needed I was getting so frustrated I felt like giving up and just not do the final but I waned to feel like a accomplished something big. After 6th period I saw that kind people where trying to help me communicate so I could get my work done and rite. These acts of kindness meant a lot to me and these are beautiful things to appreciate such as friendship too.

Back to what I was saying and to the people that didn’t know that beauty is every where even in the smallest acts such as kindness and friendship know yawl know that beauty isn’t just outside and physical. Well know yawl know what my perspective of beauty is what is your perspective of it?