Inside The Circle of Life

William - Pearl River, New York
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Often times in life we face obstacles that we must overcome. We are trapped in a situation that requires us to sacrifice something we need or something that we care about.

The circle on a wrestling mat represents a prison, a boundary that you may not pass until you overcome the ultimate obstacle of defeating your opponent. In order to beat your opponent you must leave everything on the mat, your blood, sweat, tears, emotions, and the pain you feel.

Outside that circle I see my coaches, my teammates, the crowd, and the war that lies ahead. I can physically feel my anxiety, I am shaking and I am sweating. I can smell the air, it has a salty smell, the kind of smell that can only be produced my hard work and determination. I can hear the crowd getting anxious ready to see the battle that is being presented for them. I can taste my fear but I also taste my opponents fear. I have just reached a new level of anxiety. But I am ready for war.

Once I step in that circle and everything I have just felt has gone away. It is just my opponent and I. I can hear nothing, I can smell nothing, I can feel nothing, I can taste nothing, and I can fear nothing. War is inevitable now all that lies is the desire to see how it plays out. I am trapped and I love it. When I step on that line the war has begun.

Just like in life we sacrifice things we love for something that is necessary. As wrestlers we trade our meals, social life, blood, sweat and tears for that 15 seconds of glory when we have won a match, then we repeat the process. In life nothing is certain just like a wrestling match. We all win some and we all loose some.

It is said that those who are able to adapt in accordance with the enemy shall be called divine. In wrestling you must learn to adapt to the move your opponent has dealt you. When one goes through a hardship in life they must counter the action that just happened in order to move on and progress with their life.

There is no better feeling then when you have dominated your opponent on the mat, when you have escaped your fear and the gauntlet you had just went through. When the referee has raised your hand an indescribable sensation has come over you and you are the victor. You have won the war, you feel as if you are invincible and you have earned the respect of everyone watching. But the second you walk of the mat the surreal felling has subsided and you are back to square one. Another week of starving yourself, not hanging out with your friends, and sacrificing your body. It’s an addiction to win. It’s a crazy game we play with ourselves one moment we win and it’s the highest high the next moment and we louse’s the lowest low. But we should all be willing to sacrifice everything we have to feel that feeling of surrealism.