This I Believe

Michael - Nanuet, New York
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Going through life I have realized that there are many obstacles that you have to face. I have had to make important decisions that are going to affect my future. Something you do when your fifteen years old can affect you when you are thirty.

When I am faced with an obstacle I go right after it. Instead of letting the problem get worse and procrastinating, I’ll go right after it. This is the same in pitching. When you give up a couple of hits or walks and your teammates make an error, you can’t just hope that the other team will make a mistake. Instead you have to go right after the batter and challenge him. I have to say to myself that I trust my pitches and I know that I can get the batter out.

The same goes for my life. When I am faced with a decision, I have to know that what I am deciding to do is the best thing for me. I also have to look ahead and see what decision will be best for me in the future.

Last year I was faced with the decision of what travel baseball team to play with. Should I play with my friends that I have been playing with for the past two years, or join a team that would get me more exposure and affect my future as a baseball player? My parents left the decision with me. I decided that going with the new team would be best for my future. It ended up being a great decision, as I had a great time with the new team and I made new friends. I also got more exposure, which could help me get to my goal of playing college baseball.

Everyone has to face major decisions in life. I have faced many, and I am only fifteen years old. I haven’t always made the correct decision, but I have learned from my mistakes and I try to use what I learned to not make the same mistake again. I realized it is important that once a decision is made you have to put your full effort into it, and believe that what you are doing is right. I believe in myself, and I believe that the decision I am going to make is the correct one.