Enjoying the details

Collins - Littleton, CO 80124, Colorado
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in enjoying all of the details of life and not just the big events.

The other day I had a chance to write a letter to my friend in another college. I caught her up on my recent flub in the carwash where my sunroof started to leak, and also told her about the great fall that the campus was having this year. I enjoyed writing her that letter, in all crayon, for fun, and also reminding myself of all of the small yet uplifting and fun things that had happened while I’ve been at college. Thinking about it, my life is not filled with a ton of absolutely amazing experiences- I mean, the experiences that have been impactful to me have not necessarily been the huge and outstanding events. I have remembered looking back in my life and loving the small memories, like my brother teaching me how to ride a bike one nice night in the late summer, or reading this really funny book outloud with my parents when I was smaller. My life and most of the things that I enjoy have gradually grown over lots of tiny experiences rather than paramount events.

Seeing this, I have also realized that, since life is made up of the details, I am really just an older and gradually wiser version of the child I once was- I am made up of details. I enjoyed the small details of life as a child. Writing the letter to my friend in crayon, using different colors and drawing goofy pictures to explain how college was, in a basic way helped me to see that as I get older I do not have to stop appreciating the simple joys and small experiences that happen to me all of the time.

I want to enjoy and live life, not just complete it. As I get older, I think I will continue to relish the details of my life. They make the journey more interesting if we notice them.