The Passion to Unfurl the World

Meghan - Novelty, Ohio
Entered on December 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am, above all other things, a student: I am a student of integrity, honesty, and wisdom in my home. I am a student of perseverance, versatility, and application in school. I am a student of passion, understanding, and growth through the trials of a long distance relationship. I am a student of improvisation, focus, and depth in theater. I am a student of peace, serenity, and awareness in yoga. I am a student of adversity, compassion, and knowledge in the world. I am also a student of imagination, ambition, and emotion in my dreams. I am, and will forever be, a student of the world. While at times this world is one of cruelty, inconsistency, and anger, it is also a world of love, unity, and strength.

There was a time when I allowed myself to become consumed by the negative aspects of the world. I was embracing the reigns of justice with such ferocity that my palms were beginning to blister and my heart was heaving with a heavy thirst for equality; I was allowing bigotry, injustice, and intolerance to force me into a state of frustration.

It was during this time that I embraced the mindfulness of yoga and decided not to expend my energy on emotions undeserving of my time. I realized resentment and distress were not worth the time they consumed when time is so precious and the energy required so poisonous.

I was able to release the bonds of anger and replace them with peace. This peace is one which allows the words of all people to be heard, even in the face of disagreement. Peace is not simply about letting go in a state of serenity and calm, it is to remain at ease while encircled by all the agents of negativity, chaos, and calamity.

It is this peace of mind that plunges me into a version of myself where my senses veer outward and devour the faces and voices of those around me. In opening my senses beyond myself I come into sounds of the world through the timbre of voiced opinions and through the taste of individuality. In my peace of mind the world is for me to unfurl, in its states of light and even in its darkest hours.

I have strength in peace of mind, but I see its candid spotlight dim as I peer into the face of inequity, injustice, and intolerance. As I watch solutions of violence being the first resort, I feel faith falter, and in turn feel the air of peace dissipating. I find passion to be something that is rare to grasp and through my frustration with oppressive behaviors I thrust myself into passion. My future is distant, but my passions are present. In my passion rests the belief that love is invaluable, life a privilege, and the time for discontent, hatred, and bigotry non-existent. Ambitions ignited, I believe in peace and its power to pervade, to transform, and to lead me exactly where I am meant to be.