I Believe In Goals

Brittany - Muncie, Indiana
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Setting Goals

I believe in setting goals that guide you throughout your life. When I was younger, my father once told me to have as much fun as I could before the age of eighteen because everything went downhill from there. I thought about this for a moment and considered his own life, how he had spent most of his teenage years partying with his friends and had never earned his high school degree. I realized that the only reason he felt the way he did was because the party was over. Most of his friends had grown up and become more responsible while he was still hanging out with the same people everyday, doing the same things he had for the past twenty years. Though the situation affected me in a different way than he might have imagined, I took his advice to heart.

I decided from that point that I would create certain objectives to follow, ensuring that I would live a happy life beyond my high school years. I wanted to build a foundation for a lifestyle far different from anything either of my parents had ever lived. I would earn a respectable education, develop an occupation in something I love doing and I would definitely not have children until I was well past a Bachelor’s degree.

At this point I felt a little proud. I had done something neither of my parents had done; I had set goals for myself. These goals would be the essential directions I needed to follow this newly unfolding map, steering me in the right path well into adulthood. From there I fantasized of the future. A future free of tiny apartments with macaroni lunches day to day. I dreamt of a beautiful house with a spacious backyard. I imagined never having to worry about money or lousy decisions that had negatively impacted my life. The dream became more real with the more thought and planning I put into it, and it became apparent to me that I could accomplish anything if I followed my goals and tried my best to become everything my father had not.