Healthy Eating & Living

Corey - Linwood, Michigan
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was in the tenth grade I overheard a former classmate discussing how his father had both legs amputated because he grew up with diabetes and didn’t take care of himself enough to prevent the amputation. So I criticized him on how is father didn’t take care of himself enough, and my classmate told me I shouldn’t criticize on something when I don’t even know what it’s like with diabetes that bad. And after I was confronted about criticizing his father I felt very sad and upset with myself.

That’s why I believe healthy eating for a diabetic is essential for a long healthy life.

When I was growing up, I never really understood why I couldn’t eat anything and everything that other kids got to eat. Once I got older and medically understood the reasons behind what I couldn’t eat, I accepted the fact that my health was different from others.

Just after my ninth birthday my parents started noticing unusual things about how I was acting. One minute I was sad or angry. I wanted to sleep a lot and would get tired out very quickly. Finally, what my parents saw my incurable thirst. At this point they took me to the doctors.

With in a few hours and some routine blood tests I was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. For the next two weeks my mom and I lived in the hospital till my blood sugar was controlled through diet and insulin. During these two weeks we were taught to follow a diet of counting carbohydrates and how to give myself insulin shots.

Another type of diabetes is Type 2. It is caused by body cells to resist the action of insulin, which leads to a decrease in insulin secretion. It has a slow beginning and usually begins in middle-aged or elderly adults. Some symptoms are blurred vision, thirst, and sleepiness. The treatment may include diet, exercise and a form of insulin which can be oral medication or insulin injection.

The routine of daily eating for a diabetic includes healthy meals, blood testing, and taking insulin shots according to my blood test results and carbohydrate intake for each meal during any given day.

The meal planning for each day consists of counting carbohydrates for each of the food servings and adding free foods to help give me more food to eat at each meal. Free foods are five or less carbohydrates per serving or no carbohydrates at all. For example some of the free foods are; all meat products (0 carbohydrates), cheese, lettuce, and all vegetables except potatoes and corn.

Along with a good healthy style of eating to maintain good blood sugar levels, exercise should be included in a daily routine of activities. Some of the activities I enjoy doing are walking, weight lifting, running and sports that involve moving around consistently.

The physical and mental ability to perform personally valued family, work, and community rules. A feeling of well being and freedom from the risk of disease and untimely death.

I’ve been a diabetic going on 12 years now and it hasn’t been easy. Counting carbohydrates and taking insulin and taking care of my health are an everyday thing that I can’t ignore. It doesn’t matter though if you have a health problem or not, everyone should eat a healthy diet and exercise to maintain good health.