The Road Trip

pavel - Sacramento, California
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

“The road trip”

I believe that a road trip can change people’s lives. My father has bee hives, and usually he takes someone to help him when he goes to check out his bee hives. Also his father was a beekeeper, and my dad helped him out too; even though if he didn’t want to. So my dad wanted to continue his father’s work with us too. I remember that we used to have them in Fresno when we lived like three hours away from there. He would go like at three o’clock in the morning and take me with him to help. It’s a long time to drive to Fresno and so we would just talk about things that usually we have problems with. Pretty much, I would start talking to him, while he was thinking about a lot of things that he will need to do for the rest of the week. In my family, I have five brothers and a sister, and also my dad got divorced before we came to United States. So it’s hard for him to do all the work for the family when all of the kids don’t want to do the chores around the house. Also my youngest brother is handicapped, so we also need to look after him too. So when we took a ride to Fresno, me and my dad started talking about how it is hard to be a single parent of seven kids and try to provide everything in need. I would ask him why didn’t you quit on us and just left us in our foreign country. He told me that he always cared for us even when he was working In the Soviet Union and after the dissolution of it, he worked a lot of hours per day that he would come back almost at midnight. Supervisors and employees looked at him as a hard working man who cared for his family and his future. He would make some new schematics for the factory even that wasn’t his job to do so. People honored him and valued him as one of the best workers in the whole factory because he cared about things, not just about the salary.

When I heard that he didn’t give up on us when we went through the hard times when my mother left us, I realized that my dad is a generous man who cares about all people. Me and the rest of my family don’t usually appreciate work and try to make things simple to finish. Sometimes I make short-cuts and maybe to lay the work aside for awhile. I don’t like to be bossed around when the work doesn’t involve me at all. My family has been through a lot of things and we are tired of being doing stuff that usually parents do it for you. My father always tries to do the best as he could. Even if people would come to him and ask him for help when he still didn’t finish his things at home, he would help them out and even if the things had to do with the money loan. From that moment on I looked my father as a hero in my life, and I accepted him as my father who cares about the family and about people, even though if people did some things not fair to him or other people.