Learning is life long career

Yue - Painesville, Ohio
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that learning is a lifelong career. I have you been grew up influenced by my grandfather. He taught me about the Confucius. At that time I did not really understand about what does Confucius mean. My grandfather always telling me, “When I walk in the company of three men, there must be a teacher of mine”. This means I can always learn something from people around me, no matter who he is. When I was little I do not like to study at all. My mother always the one pushes me to study. Until one day, she told me that people can take away money, friend, or even your family, but they can not take away your knowledge. Knowledge is from learning. I realize that she is right. People are learning everyday; such as learn how to sing a new song, cook a new dish, or find something from Internet that you never knew before. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and an infallible warrant of success in times of uncertainty.