I believe in Making Someone’s Day

Kali - Weyers Cave, Virginia
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Making Someone’s Day

I believe in making someone’s day, and in brightening their world for just a second.

Just a few days ago my mom and I went to Bojangles, a fast food restaurant. As we were approaching the door two police officers ran ahead of us. We glanced at each other wondering what was going on, and why they were in such a hurry. Instead of them arresting a criminal or pinning someone to the ground they held the door open for us. We walked through, thanked them and once again glanced at each other, just with different looks. We stood off to the side trying to decide what we were going to order. The two men waited behind us as we debated on what to get. When we saw them standing there we told them to go ahead of us that we still weren’t sure exactly what we wanted but instead of going in front of us they, replied, “ladies first.” We got our food and went to sit down. As the two men passed our table one of them said mumbled something and then jokingly told us that he couldn’t believe that this guy let us go ahead of them in line. My mom laughed and replied that not only was he an officer, but that he was a gentleman as well and that him being that nice had made her day. He laughed at he comment and then replied with well I’m glad, they walked off and then to his friends he said, that’s the tenth person’s day I’ve made so far today. That comment really got me thinking. Had this man seriously brightened ten people’s day’s already? Had I made anyone’s day today, or even in the past few days? In the past week? I couldn’t think of five people that had said that to me. I felt a pang of guilt because honestly, how hard is it to hold a door open for somebody, or just be polite? Truth is it’s not hard to do at all. So if it’s that easy why hadn’t I done it? I knew the answer, but didn’t want to think of my self that way. The answer is that I was too caught up in my own life and my own problems to even notice anyone else around me. His saying that and making our day affected more people than just me, my mom and him. That day I held more doors for people than I had in the past week, and was nicer than I’d been in a while.

Bottom line is that making someone’s day isn’t hard at all; all it takes is a simple act of acknowledgement, of holding the door open, of smiling, or even of just saying hello. These simple acts could mean a lot more to someone than you’ll ever know. So make someone’s day, and pass it on.