Respecting Our Elders

Michael - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, respect

Picture this, you are sitting comfortably on a porch, with a particularly close loved one, watching the sun set over rolling hills that are just a small part of what land you live off, work off, and survive everyday on. You have known this way of life ever since you can remember. Ever since you where a child running around with your family dog through fields and across acres and acres of land that has never been corrupted by the touch of man’s blade. This life has been the same for generations before and there has never been a thing wrong with this way of life. There used to not be anything wrong with this way of life.

My grandmother used to tell me all the time about times she had on her family’s farm. Doing this and that anytime they pleased, sometimes right and maybe sometimes wrong, but life went on and pretty easy at that. My grandma has been on this earth for a long time now. After calling her, due to memory loss, I realized it has been 77 years here on this thing we call home. She has seen her fare share in this world. Twelve different presidents, about to be thirteen, a few wars in this world, and recently this new age lifestyle that until recently hasn’t been as popular as it has now become. So after all the years of listening to my grandma’s words of wisdom, I believe my grandma’s way is the way we should all roll through life these days. Maybe sometimes, speed isn’t the answer for our problems.

Now I am most certainly not saying that I can fix this humongous globe or event this great nations problems but watching that young lady live for the past 18 years, I can see why this would be a wise choice to follow her. We are only given one life on this earth, we do our time and that is it. So what does everyone do with that time? Fly through it like it is a race to win or something. My grandma has had to face so much controversy throughout her life. From raising 5 kids on her own due to her husband, of twenty years, passing away, to having to work a job in the fields behind her house to get buy, she never gave up or tried to speed up. She knew that she had to keep steady, even if others were passing her. Now at 77 and with two fake knees she is moving just as fast as she wants.

I’ve learned a lot about life not from a book or the beloved television, but from my god sent grandmother who knows exactly what this life thing is all about. She has been going strong now for more years than most could imagine and at her steady pace is what we all should adopt to live that quintessential life.