Heaven on Earth

Abdullah - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I haven’t been to my country often enough for me to call it home. It’s a place that I can only hear bout from my parents and any relatives that live around here. I haven’t been able to feel how my family feels about Bangladesh. I always wish that I could spend more time in my country. The way that my parents speak of my country, seem to make me feel like I’m always missing something that I just can’t find in America. I hear of the natural beauty, the diverse cultures of different religions, cultures, and heritages that are just a minority here, but are the majority back there.

The very few limited times, I’ve been able to go, it’s like I’ve just made in into heaven with the amount of freedom that I feel there. When I do get to go, I see a place that everyone is different from you and yet at the same time all fit in with each other no matter how different or strange they seem. In fact, I’m probably the strangest one that ever goes to my country as I am separated from Bangladeshi society from being in America for most of my life. I see a place where I see the jungles of the world one way and the urban industrial life the other way. I see a place that has strong willed people to the traditional ties to their culture. This is my personal paradise, being to able to come to my country and see this kind of stuff always make me feel plenty of pride. Every time I go back, my feelings always seem to solidify on this feeling.

My life follows what I would believe anyone from Bangladesh would tend to follow if they lived in a foreign country. I try to follow out what cultures my cultures my country tries to bring out to the world and I will always be happy for changes for changes that come out. I have blend of dances, music, and even history that I tend to follow in my daily life to try and keep together a background that I really am not attached to. I follow a path of my heritage that I don’t think many do, but feel good every time I do one of these things. I believe that everyone needs a piece of heaven on earth and the villages of Bangladesh are mine. I personally am extremely happy that I will be hopefully be spending this next summer in Bangladesh.