Justice Saves the Day

MacKenzie - Salem, Oregon
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve always loved superheroes. They captured my attention due to their undeniably awesome powers! Super heroes make good role models, which help show kids of the world how all people should act like. They show how everyone should help others and believe in certain morals. Mostly super heroes seem extremely neat, but for the longest time I disliked superman.

I viewed superman as one of those sappy superheroes seemingly too scared to take a life and someone who would rather let the villain get away than risk one human life. I thought his ideas and morals a waste of time, until after one particular incident. The rescue resembled many others, in that he flies in and saves the day, but this time, he cared a lot about the victim, and seeing him treat the criminal civilly made me upset! I wanted him to punish the villain, but since he didn’t, I disliked him even more. I fumed for awhile, wondering how so many children can idolize that horrible thing, when the light came on. I realized that his instinctive honesty is what holds him together and makes him who he is. If he just went about killing everyone, then he would not make a good superhero. His power is the greatest, and yet even with his weakness, he still manages to save the day, time and again. Understanding his motives and how he lives for justice helps me accept the things that he does. He follows the laws even if they have shortcomings. In saving the life of any criminal, he is doing the just and right thing. His innate sense of justice always astounds me and compels me to try to be the same.

I believe in justice; doing the right thing no matter what. Maybe I sound like one of those people who seem self righteous, but I won’t try to claim a just action or attitude in every scenario. I just know that everyone and everything would occur with better light in this world, if more just people lived in this world. Whenever something unfair happens, and I feel like just giving up, I think of superman and how he believes in fairness in all cases. It prompts me to try and do the right things in most scenarios since if I were in the person who is receiving unfair treatment, I would want someone to think about being in my shoes. I believe in justice and think that any life benefits from fairness, both from the giver and receiver.