The Venus Project

BRENT - BURBANK, Washington
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

It is time for us to change. A resource based economy is necessary, and it is possible. We can take a few simple actions to realize a fundamental social transformation. Humanity has been enslaved by the lie of scarcity for well over two millenia. Scarcity is the idea that there is not enough to go around for everyone. It is time for us to love even the worse of us.

Communism and Capitalism are both based upon the idea of Monetarism. Which is an idea based upon the lie of scarcity. There is enough food, land, and whatever else you want to go around. Through technology we can free ourselves to follow our hearts desire. Our technology allows us to escape the need to work. Work is the idea that you must do something you do not want, to be able to do a little bit of what you do want. Work is based upon the lie of scarcity, and thus it is false. A doctor saving lives, is not work, if he/she loves doing it. Monetarism’s time has passed, and now it is time for us to evolve. It is a new millenium and it is time for us to make the change that allows the majority of humanity to live at the highest standard of living, versus a few. It is time for us to start loving our neighbors, and trusting them to do what is moral and ethical versus for profit.

The Jedi Order ( is a way of life primarily based upon Buddhism and Hermetic Traditions & Principles. Our way involves both physical and mental exercise, in the disciplines of art, arithmetic, history, and science. This site is an attempt at providing an easy and structured online introduction to the philosophy of The Jedi Order, as suggested by Trepe and other members. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us and share their thoughts as the database grows. It is not meant for religious propaganda. This website represents a serious attempt at exploring philosophical issues of the Force, as handled by the leading philosophers themselves, and in the context of their times. The Jedi Order is timeless as the Jedi draw their influence from Buddha, and the Shaolin teachings from Temples of ancient China, and it is relevant to all.

The Federal Reserve Cartel (Which is a private entite owned by corporations), the illusionary dollar, and most other evils of Globilization are merely symptoms. The need for there to be a disparity between rich and poor is caused by ourselves. We are responsible to change how we think, and how we choose to be. The call for a Jedi is to shift our fundamental way of thinking. The call is for us to love, trust, and help each other. An answer may be the Venus Project.

This way of thinking is far from being ‘new’, and closer to being ‘ancient’. The Scholar Warriors of China’s ancient past knew the way. George Lucas, may have unknowingly, created a vision of the Force, or Chi, that draws from both Buddhist and Christian beliefs, in his fictional story. How we see the Force has us call ourselves Jedi. A way that is of love, joy, and happiness which are the highest frequencies known. Frequencies that hold phenomnially more power than the emotions of hate, anger, and loss which are the ‘Dark Side’. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick” (Arhtur C. Clark) Science is only beginning to understand what ancient professors already knew, and that is matter and time are an illusion. It is our time to remember what Einstein tried telling us.

Change to a resource based economy calls for us to boycott the Federal Reserve Bank. A boycott of Citibank, JP Morgan, Chase, & Bank of America will give notice to the Powers-That-Be that the world is changing. The notice shall be they will either help us change, or be cast aside as we are the power. The only power anyone has over us is the power we give them. There is a need to boycott the television news networks. They distort and magnify in order to fool you into believing in a false reality. Use and support Internet service resources, and get off the grid. Use public transportation, and support new sources of energy.

Transform your home, and property, to be self-sustainable. This change may take time, and we need everyone to use the system as it exists to change to a resource based economy. Trying to fight against the monetary system will only prolong the misery that is our current society. We can, and maybe should, use how things work now to change to a better way things can work in the future. I thinkthat maybe we should get involved in our local politics and support our local sheriff. Fascilitate, promote, and encourage the government to let people govern themselves. I feel that this is the kind of change that Obama was talking about. People naturally make the right decision far more than the government can even dream of.