I believe in loving my wife.

Austin - Orem, Utah
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe that the most important thing I can do is to love my wife.

When I leave this life, I don’t know what will be said at my funeral or spoken between friends and family in the days, weeks, and years to follow. They may say I was happy, they may say I was a good person. They may say that I was a good friend, a good brother, or a good son. This would all be very nice, but there is only one thing that I know i want to be said of me when I have passed on: that I loved my wife.

Although I have only been married a short time, I know that our joys and our sorrows, our dreams and our fears, our ups and downs, and our triumphs and failures are now connected forever. I know that in order for me to be truly happy, I need to provide that happiness for my wife. Her life is more valuable to me than my own, and I hope to fill it with wonderful experiences in the years to come.

When I leave this life, I hope I can tell my wife how much I love her. Whether I draw my last breath in her arms or if her spirit anxiously awaits mine on the other side, I will tell her the same thing that I hope to both do and say every day until then: I love you.