I Believe In Chances

Derek - Verona, Virginia
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in chances. I have already had two car crashes and I have only had my license for about eight months. God has spared my life twice now and I am so glad he was with me through both accidents. Before my first wreck, I was one of the craziest drivers out there and refused to think that anything bad would ever happen to me. All my friends kept telling me something terrible would happen but I refused to believe them. I thought I was indestructible.

It turns out, I wasn’t. On the way home from basketball practice one day I made the decision to drift a turn at about eighty miles per hour. Well, about half way through the drift one of my teammate’s father came around the turn on his way to pick up his son. I had to steer right to avoid hitting him. When I did that, my car caught loose gravel and spun in two complete circles before hitting a mailbox and falling into a ditch. Everyone told me it was going to happen sooner or later but I was too stubborn to believe them. If I would have just been mature and listened, I would still have my sports car right now.

After the accident, we got my car fixed with all brand new body parts and equipment straight from the factory resulting in about eight thousand dollars. I was so grateful to have my sports car back. I was enjoying every moment with it. Only about a month later I was going with my girlfriend and another friend to get some new clothes and shoes. On the way, travelling on route 11 right behind a police officer at about fifty five miles per hour, a squirrel jumped out right in front of my car and I instinctively swerved to miss it and lost control. My car ran off the road, flipping sideways twice up a hill and flipping end-over-end back down the hill where it finally came to rest only yards from a river. I was blacked out for a little bit, but when I woke up I saw the worst site I’ve ever seen and smelt the worst smell I’ve ever smelt. I first asked everyone if they were okay and they both said yes. We were all trapped inside the car and couldn’t get out. I finally got mad and just kicked my door so hard that it broke off where we all climbed out safely. The car was completely totaled to where you couldn’t even tell what kind of car it was or if it was even a car. Just a glimpse of the car and people would wonder how any of us survived, let alone, all of us.

I think the driving age should be raised to at least eighteen. Not all sixteen year old kids are bad drivers but there’s just so many immature and inexperienced teenage drivers that I really do think the driving age should be raised. I believe in chances, but not to count on those chances occurring. Expect the unexpected.