This I Believe

Alexander - Santa Rosa, California
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

I believe that life is full of choices. I believe that there will always be another option. Nothing in this world is or should be clear cut enough for you to simply say yes or no. It doesn’t make sense for things to be so definite when people are such diverse creatures. No two people are the same and no one person always feels the same way.

Looking at politics, I see this all the time. Why must it be either fight or withdraw completely? Why must we be for the environment or for growth? Why must we be Pro-Bush or Anti-Bush? Why must we be Democratic or Republican? Why must we be yes or no?

Who are the third parties? They are considered to be indecisive folk who cannot make up their minds. Perhaps I am indecisive, because I fall into that category. I do not believe that the death penalty is always right. I do not believe the death penalty is always wrong. I do not believe people should always fight. I do not believe people should never fight. I do not believe in always rewarding children. I do not believe in always punishing children.

There is nothing wrong with a different path. One day, I decided to take it. I was at my high school welcome dance. It was a boring and monotonous affair. The student body was supposed to make the dance more exciting without it becoming too risqué, since we were in a private Catholic school. I wasn’t a part of the student body so it wasn’t my job to make the dance exciting, but I was bored by the current dilmena. The teachers were attempting to break up the “sex on the dance floor” as they called it, while the students were just trying to have fun. I abide by laws, but I am also a student, so I wanted some fun. I formulated another way to have fun without breaking any rules. Positioning one of the floodlights to shine a particular spot on the bleachers, I noted the placement of the teachers, figuring out how long it would take for any one of them to get to me. Deciding that it was clear, I went into the spotlight and started dancing. The effect was instantaneous. Within a few moments other students followed my lead. Before long, over half the school was on the bleachers. I was known for odd stunts, but this had been by far one of the weirdest. No one had expected something like that, not even me, but the results were amazing.

Choices should always be considered. When someone asks you for Coke or Pepsi, try root beer. When they ask you for jeans or dress pants, choose to go with the khakis. When they ask you whether you want paper or plastic, say both or even neither. When someone asks you liberal or conservative, tell them moderation. I chose something different and I was pleasantly surprised.