This I Believe

Robert - Los Altos Hills, California
Entered on December 15, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I believe the current global economic and ecological crisis is a great opportunity for our country. One of the things I am most hopeful about and eager to see develop is a spirit of cooperation and sacrifice for a larger purpose that has been characteristic of this country in its finest hours. In the past we have seen people make great sacrifices and lay down petty differences when there is a common belief that our country is under attack and at risk. Alas, several decades have passed since we have seen evidence of this spirit of common destiny and shared sacrifice that unites us. We have been too caught up in our creature comforts and addictive consumption to notice that we are under threat. What is needed is new vision– one in which we see we are part of a vast web of interdependence that connects us not only to each other but to every other country and all other peoples on this planet. This vision must be fueled by the realization that we are under as serious a threat (no, more serious) than at any time in our history. We must come to realize the urgency of this threat and feel it as powerful a call as in times of old when we felt it necessary to defend ourselves against a common perceived enemy.

It is time for us to realize that the time is now, and the enemy is us! If we do not rise up together to meet this enemy, we will destroy our beloved planet and our ability to sustain life on it. My deepest hope is that we will somehow tap into the most noble sentiments of cooperation and sacrifice awakened in President-elect Obama’s campaign and that those sentiments may be the foundation for a new spirit of collaboration in building a sustainable peaceful world for future generations on this planet. It is time for the United States to become once again a “Beacon on the Hill” pointing the way to a peaceful and sustainable future for all nations and peoples on our beloved earth..