Impacts on Outlook

Holli - Burleson, Texas
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Impacts on Outlook

Truth and honesty towards children about society is something I strongly believe in. Children are not fools, and can sense everything around their environment as adults can they just view it a little differently. The world can be and is a harsh place at times and children should be well aware of the positives and negatives about our world. If a child is given the information then they can process and develop into adults who have a true grasp on what the world is about.

I come from a poor family and at the time I had lived in a single wide trailer in less than satisfactory condition. We were not gross people but we could not afford nicer purchases and to fix small mishaps in the house itself. My parents nurtured, cared, loved, and protected me but they did not shelter me. With this in mind, my parents said I could have my first birthday/slumber party when I was in the first grade. Since this was my first ever birthday/slumber party I invited my closest friends. Within this group was a set of twins.

When the twins’ mom dropped them off she could not hide her snooty disposition towards my home and my parents. She hesitantly left them at my party and proceeded to call every hour on the hour to check on her kids because since we were poor we were sure to be bad people right?

That next Monday at school the twins weren’t talking me. I had no idea why so I asked them why and if they were mad at me. Then they said that their mom said they couldn’t be friends with me anymore. The rest of the conversation was a little hazy after that but the hurt remains today.

I went home to tell my parents and they without hesitation proceeded to tell me that they weren’t allowed to be my friends anymore because of where we lived. They told me gently and comforted me afterwards. From that day on I viewed the world differently. I do not judge based on how rich or poor you are or where you live. The only thing that matters is what’s on the inside. My parents could have lied or said something completely unrealistic but they chose to tell me the truth. This is why I respect my parents the most.

One might think that this is just a silly story and there is no way it could have truly impacted my outlook on the world at age 7. What most don’t know is that I faced the same problem every day/month/year after that event. The feeling I felt then remains with me in every endeavor that’s foreign and known to have affluent members. I believe I know what to expect and am prepared to deal with the realities of any situation because of my parent’s honesty and respect for my intelligence even at such a young age.