I Believe in Home Cooked Meals

Taylor - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Nothing Compares to a Home Cooked Meal

I believe that a meal, made from scratch, is the way to a person’s heart. In a society in which restaurants are becoming a part of our everyday diet, a home cooked meal is the one thing that brings a family together. Sure, eating out can be an enjoyable experience every once in a while, but your home is the only restaurant where there is no line for seating, no snobby waiters, no outrageous prices, and no tips (except for doing dishes). These meals that we took advantage of as children have become the one thing we are craving now days.

However, in today’s society we try to do everything with the utmost efficiency, and food is no exception. We are living in a McDonaldized society; everything is made in the easiest and cheapest way possible, with little regard to quality. We are so consumed with our own busy schedules that we often try and take the easy way out of things. I know every parent has complained about having to make dinner at one point or another and ordered fast food instead. Although these fake meals cause us to lose our sense of real food, they make the occasion of having a real meal that much more special.

Being a college student, hungry and broke, I find home cooking to be a rare commodity. Too lazy to cook and too far away from home to get a meal, I am falling into the same trap that many Americans have fallen into, trying to pretend that the food I am eating at these restaurants is anything close to home cooking is simply, impossible. I find myself eating Ramen noodles and microwaveable pizzas more and more as the school year progresses. Relying on “The Commons” or “K-Lair” for a little taste of home is rarely rewarding. Therefore, anytime I have the opportunity to go home, I take it.

The forty-five minute drive home seems like forever, the anticipation of eating a real meal is overwhelming. The thoughts of my mom’s chili, my dad’s grilled steak kabobs, Grammy’s pot roast, and Grandma Ruxer’s candied yams topped with marshmallows fill my thoughts, making the drive seem endless. The food seems more real at home, there is more care put into it. I assume the reasoning now days is because my homecoming is a rare occasion, and my family feels the need to make everything perfect in an attempt to keep me at home for as long as possible.

Food is a major part of everyone’s life, and you can look anywhere in the world and see that food is not only important to the individual but the family as well. Food, real food at least, is made up of more than just edible ingredients like salt, butter, and flour, it also has hard work, effort, time, and love put into it. Food is not made to just fill an empty stomach, it is meant to bring people together and to create lasting impressions.