This I Believe

Stuart - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in comedy. I believe that no one should spend a day without laughing. I believe in corny jokes, witty jokes, sarcasm and satire. I believe that amusement truly does strengthen the soul. I believe in the power of humor and everything good that it brings. I believe in the kind of laughter that makes your abs burn and tears run down your cheeks. I believe that if you go a day without this you haven’t lived at all. I believe that laugher is a key to anyone’s success in life.

My grandfather has a semi-strict demeanor about him which filters down to everyone, making most family gatherings quiet at first. The family is sitting around the 1960’s era living room, complete with family portraits that have been stuck in their place for decades. The furnace hums along and everyone sits in a circle patiently waiting for this gathering to conclude. It is these moments, the inevitable awkward silences, which make for perfectly timed jokes. My mother’s side has a totally different view with their humor. A very deep, well though style of joke which seem to have layers behind them. It is almost like you must think before the joke comes to you. From the moment you walk in the door, the warm environment is obvious; the laughter gives off an almost cozy vibe which transcends any forced emotions of happiness, the burgundy colored walls of my aunt’s house seem to sooth and relax the obligatory family gatherings

Living too seriously weakens the soul and does not allow for close lasting relationships. The territory that comes with a good sense of humor involves not only acceptance of jokes directed at you, but also the gift to laugh at yourself when you goof up. Rather than trying to play it off cool and casual, come right out and admit your fault. Make a scene and laugh it off, it only adds to the humor of the moment. With all of my experiences in comedy I can truly say I am a humor abuser. I seem to have honed it down to a fine art. I like to believe in karma and “what goes around comes around,” by going around with an untroubled attitude, good and easy things will come back my way. Humor is a thinking man’s tool to success.

The power of laughter should never be overlooked, it will only help form and strengthen lasting bonds. Experts all say that laughter extends the life span, so the next time you see a woman starring at a dark metallic box in the appliance section, holding a remote, just walk over to her and say, “sorry, miss, that’s a microwave” (true story). Humor is a powerful tool of friendship, camaraderie and honor. It signifies an intangible bond between humans and is something we can all share with each other. Humor is something which can never grow old, and something we can truly never get enough of. This I believe.