Peace Through Prayer

Levi - Denver, Colorado
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in peace through prayer. I have been through several different surgeries. I have always felt peace through every one of them. I believe it was because of my prayers, the prayers of my church, and the prayers of my family. Through each surgery I always had people praying for me.

Even though I dreaded my jaw surgery, I still felt calm during and after it. I believe it was because of my sincere prayers. In July of 2007, I had a major operation done on my jaw. I was born with CP; as a result, my jaw wasn’t growing. In Chicago, where they did my surgery, my parents prayed for me right before I went into a 4 hour operation. I felt comforted going into the operating room. When I woke up from that surgery, I was in ICU, where my jaw was wired shut. I never realized the freedom of opening my mouth, until it got taken away from me. Before they took me to my regular hospital room, I remember, in faint images, them taking the Ventilator out of my mouth. That was painful. During my stay at the hospital, I was always taken care of by friendly nurses. I always said little prayers during my stay, because I knew who I could trust. God always gave me a calm spirit during my hospital stay, even in I.C.U.

When I got home from Chicago, I was visited by friends and family. They brought gifts and cards to help get me through this tough time. I was always encouraged by a friend, who had already gone through two major jaw surgeries. She told me to say little prayers to help me through the bad times, and it worked! I felt peaceful and calm. After my surgery, I had to eat everything through a syringe. Everything had to be put in a blender. I got sick of soup really quick, along with all the nasty tasting medicine I had to take. I never felt up to grinding pizza or Chinese food in a blender, even though that might have tasted good, who knows?

After my surgery, I had to go back to Chicago for several checkups, twenty-one times so far. God gave me protection, through all of the traveling back and forth from Denver. On my second checkup, I finally got my wires off. It was nice to have a few moments of freedom before I had to be banded together again with rubber bands for another 6 weeks. Another time, the Doctors had to take out a screw that was exposed. They said it was actually going to be really painful since it was still in my jaw bone. When they were doing it, I was expecting pain, but I didn’t feel a thing. I knew God had everything in control. Everything was going great in the recovery process, until a few months later. One of the rarest things happened; one of the plates from my jaw became exposed. I had to go back to surgery, so they could remove the plate. Even knowing I had to go back to surgery, I didn’t worry or fret. God never let me down, why would this be any different? I had my second surgery in January of this year. I was expecting to have to go through all of it again, but I was wrong.

Even through my major jaw surgery, I had comfort, and assurance. I knew that God would answer my prayers and the prayers of my friends. I believe that God does answer prayer and can bring peace through any kind of circumstance.