Doing Little Things Can Make Someone’s Day

Melody - Shorewood, Wisconsin
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you can make someone’s day by doing simple little things. I believe that no matter if we know each other or not, if we do something for others, they will be thankful for it and they will do something generous and the positive effect will come around again.

I receive some simple goodness from people everyday and there was one that happened this summer. It was the second day I came back to Milwaukee from China. I walked to school to hand in some forms for the new job. The sun was shining and leaves rustled gently in the breeze. I still had the jet lag, so everything for me was kind of fuzzy. I just wanted to finish some paperwork for school and go back home as soon as possible. I walked by a restaurant. There were two workers cleaning the windows. They smiled at me when I passed them. I smiled back just to be polite. One of the workers asked me, “How are you?” It is really common here that random people ask each other “How are you” when they meet on the street. I answered, “Good. How are you?” Then I walked away and I didn’t expect any answer. The worker said, “Good. You look gorgeous today! You are so beautiful!” I was so surprised and I turned back. The other worker said, “Ye, have a good day, pretty.” I smiled at them, feeling thankfulness and said, “Thank you. You too.” I was enjoying the cool breeze that came from the lake on the rest of the way tochool and all the way back home. I had a really happy day and was full of energy.

Maybe they said I was pretty just because they were nice. They said these words likely to every woman who passed their restaurant. Maybe every girl had this same experience as me and I was overreacting with it. Maybe a stranger’s compliments are more pleasant to hear than a friend’s. While the thing I believe is these two workers, definitely, made my day by their words.

The quote wrote by writer Anne Herbert now is really popular for the bumper stickers. It says “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Ralph Bronner, who is vice president and spokesman for the multimillion-dollar firm Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap proves this and gives his hugs out across the country. He met a guy in the union at the Northwest airport and gave him 20 dollars. Bronner said, “What I admire is you guys are willing to take a lost to keep northwest alive. I want you take you wife out and fellow union member.” The guy took the money and thanked him. Bronner has many random kindnesses like this. People think he is crazy, but he do made others day by things he did for them(From website).

We don’t have to do those big things for people since we don’t have that much money. However, doing a simple thing or sending a little note for someone is easy. The basic thing is being polite to everyone. Also, being respectful and thoughtful to each other is important, too. For example, when walking through the halls, if you make eye contact with a stranger, it’s okay to smile every once in a while. When you are walking into a building, it’s nice to hold the door open for the next person behind you. If the person is looking away or leaving the door shut behind us, we will have an awkward feeling. Maybe the person who did these did not realize what he did. He didn’t do it on purpose to make someone feel bad or hurt somebody. However, if the person is upset at that moment or he is more sensitive than others, he will feel worse by the looking away and shutting the door. If you don’t do little things for people, that might make them feel bad. The little things you do, can really make someone’s day, whether they admit it or not.

ow many little things do you do for random people everyday? The answer is several things or nothing? Do not begrudge your energy on these little things. It could be when the elevator is coming and you hold the door for everyone. Then you get in last. It could be when you are waiting for the bus and let ladies go first. It also could just be a smile or a gesture. The key to improving your own day and the day of others around you is to do these little things. If you do these little things, the goodness will come back to you, that means others can do these little things for you, too.