If It’s Enjoyable

Justin - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Through out my life I have chosen my actions and thoughts based on one thing, which is if I would enjoy it or not. Some situation I have to take in the fact, what the consequences would be after I make my decision but the most import is whether I would enjoy it or not and how much.

Last year when my friend Josh and I decided to pull a prank in our school’s art display/gallery, we had no idea what would happen to us but I had a guess it wasn’t going to be that bad. We watch a lot of television and most of the shows are still based upon the time when teachers, sent the kids home for the day and nothing happened to them till the next day where they were applauded for sticking it to the school. One afternoon Josh and I were getting out of P.E. and were waiting on the benches for the bell to ring and announce that school was over. Across they hall was the art gallery, so we walked over it. We looked inside pressing our faces on the cold, hard, glass. Just then we looked at each other realizing we had the same thought. We would sneak into the art display; sit down on the display shelves and moon people as they would walk by. It was genius, and we knew it would be remembered forever by our friends as something stupid, but something fun, so we snuck into the hallway leading to the front of the display to check and see if any of the doors were unlocked. Unfortunately none of them were so we headed back to our seats on the bench when we notice that there was an escape door outside the hallway at the back of the display room. We walked over to it and tried to pull it open, and it did. We were in. We examined the shelves and stand to see which were sturdy enough to hold us. In the center of the room where bright white stands that were sturdy enough to hold us, and were the first thing noticeable in the display. As people walked by, we propped our bare behinds up in the stands, so when they looked they would notice us and cover their eyes with disgust. Their face was priceless, and that was the most enjoyable part of our prank which was more than enough to fulfill our needs.