conviction in education

Brittany - 10566, New York
Entered on December 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Conviction in Education

I believe in education. My hands shook and my eyes welled up with tears as I entered the classroom. I reached up and grabbed the hand that was held out to me and my anxiety eased. Education kills ignorance and gives birth to intelligence.

I believe in not only reading the pages of a novel, but absorbing the information. I believe that knowledge is power. I want reading to begin during infancy. I want to erase illiteracy from every dictionary. I believe in being multilingual. I believe in asking questions. Yearning to learn should not be a concern. One of my greatest joys is acing a test or truly comprehending a piece of literature. I want people to be successful and be able to say “I did it”. I want communities to be able to rise up and overcome because of knowledge. I want to be on television because I’m a successful, educated person, not because I committed a crime. I desire a world where going to college will be the norm after graduating high school; a world where being “too smart” doesn’t exist.

When I was a child, some friends and peers considered me to be quite irritating because of my love of asking questions. If I did not know the answer, my logic was that I should ask. Because of my craving to learn, I knew at the age of six where babies came from, the planets in the solar system, and most of the exhibits at my local museum. As my age progressed I excelled in school because I loved to learn and found education quite important. Though my craving to learn never completely sufficed, I slowed down when I reach junior high and high school age because of my peers considering me to be the “teacher’s pet” or the “smarty pants” in class. I feel like I closed opportunities because of being dissuaded from my asking questions and learning. I almost lost my pro-activeness in my education.

I believe that through my experience I learned that one should be concerned with what others think of oneself. I believe that students of all age should never be discouraged from learning. I believe that the mind should never stop being stimulated, and that learning should never stop being motivated. Succeeding and Doing well should not be something that puts someone to shame. Education is the equivalent to empowerment. This is what I believe.