Life is A Process

CUC - 53211, Wisconsin
Entered on December 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem, love

I think our life is such as a process and everything we do, it will have a result. Sometimes it can be a good result but sometime it can be the opposite. I think it doesn’t matter what result we can get, I believe the process is more important and more meaningful to us.

Two years ago, when I finished high school, my family decided to let me go to study in another country. At that time, my heart was falling in love with a boy but I did not tell him that. I thought the distance between this side the other side of the earth would be big enough to destroy our love. Many things were around my head, which push me away from my love. I didn’t trust my heart would have enough patient for this love.

One day, I took a walk around a park. I saw a group of people was playing volleyball. I heard the coach told his students: “I don’t care how the result will be, I just want to you guys play the best as you can in every moment, so if you will lose the game, you won’t be regret to yourself”.

At that moment, I just realized something. But I did not really understand it; I went home with a strange feeling. I start to ask my self if I was wrong when I too hasty to decide something when it doesn’t happen yet, Why don’t I just do the best as I can for my love instead of run away from the face.

By chance, I watch a TV show, which talked about a boy who loved the girl so much, but I got to refuse her love for him because he had a cancer. So he thought that he and she should not start this pretty short time love when he only could live within six months. Finally, She found out the truth that he had a cancer that why he did not want to start the love without the result. She came and told him that she just need to be with him, even though one day, or one hour, that movement will stay in her heart forever! Then they spent the rest of his life together. After six months the cancer took him away from her arms, but it could never took his heart away from her love. All the memories that they had together would always exist. They had a very happy process of love

There was a flash in my mind after that show. I realize that if I don’t respect the last time with my love I will be regret. I thought that if I just have one day to be with my boyfriends, we already have a happy time together.

In a short period of time, my boyfriend and I were very happy together. I think it is the happiest time I have never felt before. Now we are not together, but whenever I think of the memories about him, it always makes smile. I know I was right when I decided to created the memories belong to us, I was right when I did not care about the result, I just respect the time when I really felt happy

After this lesson, I live my life in happiness and smile in very single day, because I always try to do everything with the best as I can, because I did not do the thing what make me be regretted. Now when ever I have test, which is most student, be afraid of, because they care too much about the result, but to me I just try to spent a good time to study for, so if I got a bad score it can’t hurt me because I did the best for it nothing can make me be regret. Not only myself, I also see there are a lot of good example for this lesson in our society. A doctor sometime know that they can’t make sure or promise anything with their patient, all they can do is just try their best while they can help people. Otherwise, they just give up in saving people when they know those people are carrying an incurable disease.

I believe a human life is a big process. So I think fifty years later when I will be a old woman, I will sit down and remember about the things I have passed, and I will count how many good process that I have done in my life, and all the happy time which I can get from the process will be my final result in my life.