Santa Claus Lives

Kelsey - Crowley, Texas
Entered on December 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Santa Claus Lives

I believe there is a Santa Claus. I believe he lives in the hearts and souls of every child or young spirited person.

Every year on Christmas Eve when I was a child me, my sister’s, and my younger brother would all go outside and search for Santa’s sleigh by spotting that illusive bright red nose of Rudolf. We would all huddle together wearing our fleece pajamas and holding a cozy knit blanket, using each other to keep warm. We would stare at the sky searching frantically with sparkling eyes for that red glow. As soon as one of us would spot it we would all hustle inside and enthusiastically call the local news station to report our sighting.

I remember that we would always be too excited to sleep and we would promise each other to stay up so we could get a peek of Chris Cringle coming down the chimney. We could never do it. The next morning we would wake up, way to early and rush into the living room to fine stockings full of lots of goodies and beautiful big packages covered in shiny new paper with fancy red script stating they were, to our amazement, from Santa. We would wait anxiously for our parents to wake up so we could read the letter Santa left us in place of the cookies we left him. He always made sure we knew that his Reindeer liked the carrots we left for them. We would then venture to the fireplace to find his boot footprints left in the ashes from the freshly burnt fire. I especially remember the happy looks on my parents’ faces as they watched us rip into our presents. The fighting always ceased on this day. Nobody would dare raise their voice or argue about petty little things from the day before when it was Christmas time.

I remember how happy and close we all were. I also remember how heartbreaking it was to see the pain in my parents’ eyes as they had to devastate us all one by one when they finally had to give up the charade and tell us that Santa wasn’t real. I look back on those times and sometimes find myself envying my childhood ignorance and yet I treasure every bit of knowledge I now possess. These memories shaped my childhood and my life. They are some of my fondest and without ever experiencing them I wouldn’t have learned how to believe in something so hard with every inch of my being. Without those memories I wouldn’t have such strong beliefs, hopes, and dreams that I currently do now.

I believe in Santa Claus. He exists in anyone who’s ever believed in something so much that it outweighed rationality and common sense. So much that it consumed them. He exists in anyone who’s ever had a dream.