Laws Are Very Important For a Society

Alper - 20008, District of Columbia
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that laws are very important for a society and its people. When I was eighteen, I believed law was very important in my life and I decided to become a lawyer because I was always interested is law. When I was a child, I spoke a lot and my mother said, ‘‘ My son will grow up to be a lawyer’’

Therefore, after high school I entered the Law Faculty at İstanbul University. After I graduated I became a member of the Istanbul Bar. Now I am 38 and I have been lawyer for 13 years. I love my job.

I believe that the law rules everything in life such as marriage, divorce, commerce, etc. The law applies to all levels of society. For example, the law applies to the stockbroker, the trader, the banker and the waiter, to every person.

If we want to live a better and peaceful life, we must respect the laws. If all people respect the laws and the rules, the world will be a wonderful place for our children and for all people.

I believe if we don’t have a good system of laws, people will live in chaos. For example, powerful or rich persons will always succeed. The crime rate will increase and the world will be uninhabitable. I believe all people should be equals.

Finally, we must follow rules and use and enforce them fairly. If we do the world will be a safer and more peaceful place. At the time, I believe the world will be better now than before today