The Soul of Life Is Taken From the Experiences

Mariam - Shorewood, Wisconsin
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
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Life is all about change. It’s pretty obvious to most of us that the corollary states that if you stop changing, you are dead. Having said that it makes the job of describing my beliefs difficult. After all, in a year I may see things very differently. When I look back at the things I have believed it is clear that many have withered away, seemingly to make room for the growth of new ideas. The meaning of life is different for every individual. For me, faith defines how I live my everyday life. It defines my decisions and gives meaning to my character. It sets my morals and creates the foundation for my values and my happiness. My personal belief is to create your own values and shape them with your experiences.

One thing I truly value is self development. I personally believe that happiness begins from within yourself. You won’t be able to find it in others if you don’t see it in yourself first. I have always searched for happiness in things that are so limited. However, the happiness I have for my achievements and who I am as a person helps me stand tall when sharing who I am with others. Don’t get me wrong, others can also make you happy. My point is that you need to be happy with yourself because it will make you feel even better when others are happy WITH you not FOR you. That’s the difference.

I love to give. I give my time, love and generosity to those who are appreciative. For as long as I can remember, I was always there for people who needed me whether it was to advise them or simply help them smile in rough times. I believe smiling can be a charity and that is the least anyone can do for others even if it is smiling at a stranger. It truly does make a difference. A hand that gives is better than a hand that receives and that is something every individual may look at differently. I personally feel unbelievably great giving to others.

Another thing I value is definitely my family because they have always been there for me. I have grown up being very distant and more attached to my friends than I should have been. I felt that I took my family for granted. This summer is when I truly realized that family is EVERYTHING. A family’s love is unconditional. I value my friends as well because I feel like they are my support system as well. My circles of friends are ones that always tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. They are friends who I consider like family. My relationship with my family and friends constantly change therefore I believe that relationships are constantly challenging, constantly calling us to create, express, and experience higher and higher aspects of ourselves. In this way, they are one of the highest forms of human expression. I can never disserve any relationship, or anyone, by seeing more in them than they expose. For so much more is there. Fear prevents true honesty. Therefore, one should admit honestly to oneself and to others true feelings. My emotions are my strongest guidepost. I follow them, rather than my mind. The mind is a product of this world, and thus distorts things.

Another thing I value is my mistakes. I truly believe that I have learned so much from them. We are all human and perfection is foreign to this life. I believe that I have become a stronger person because of my experiences and my decisions. Brick walls are there for a reason and I know that everything happens for a reason. Dwelling over things that have passed have only hurt me more. But battling our mistakes and our obstacles will give us a better picture of the steps we need to take in order to go around our troubles rather than drown in them. Our actions reflect our state of mind. One does not do something to become happy, but is happy and, hence, does something to show it. Doing is a function of the body. Being is the function of the soul. The soul conceives, the mind creates the body experiences. The circle is complete. The soul can then know itself from its own experiences.

Time is priceless and is taken for granted too often. Therefore, I highly value time and I try to take advantage of it by doing things that are productive. I try to do things that help me learn and grow. I also try to do things that make me happy while the foundation of this happiness and love being FAITH. When life is lived from a standpoint of damage control or optimum advantage, the true benefit of life is forfeited. The opportunity is lost, the chance missed. For a life lived thusly is a life lived from fear. Who we are is who we create ourselves to be in relationship to the rest of the world. The soul’s purpose is to fully recognize itself within the body — to become the true embodiment of all it really is. We should strive not to make a living, but a life…