The Magnitude of a Small Thank You

Craig - Salem, Oregon
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Magnitude of a Small Thank You

I work at a Christian summer camp called Camp Tadmor, cleaning filthy bathrooms, scrubbing grimy dishes, and doing building projects around camp. I do this all without pay. You are probably wondering why? Or thinking that’s crazy. I gain so much more than most people do in their jobs. I grow closer to God, have loads of fun, and make friends with some of the best people I’ve met.

I often get tired and it can be difficult to get through the day. This shows why I believe no matter what how small or how trivial something is that someone does for you. You should always say thank you. At Tadmor when a guest counselor or a camper screams, yells, or simply says thank you for cooking the food or cleaning the bathrooms it makes my day. I work behind the scenes at this job, so when someone notices that I’ve been serving them when it’s not right always in front of everyone it feels awesome. When someone says thank you for my work it helps me keep working hard and enjoy my work. A simple thank you shows me they appreciate what I do and is much more meaningful pay than money.

I believe you shouldn’t only say thank you to people who volunteer because not everyone enjoys their paying job. If you simply say thank you and mean it, it lifts people up. It also makes you feel better saying thank you because you know you’re encouraging someone to keep up the good work. I know that when I’m working in the dish room and a group of campers comes to the window and yells thank you to us, it makes us feel appreciated and glad to serve them. We also will laugh and answer you’re welcome.

Saying thank you to someone for serving you, although small, has an enormous impact. It shows that you admire an honest job; just one more reason to always say thank you. It is a great way to show you care to someone who might not always know it.

This is why I believe you should always say a simple thank you to anyone who does something for you, whether big or small.