Time To Play Some Football!

Keih - East Amerherst, New York
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe that I can play football at Bowling Green. I know that I really want to try and play here. I am willing to put all my time and effort into playing. I started playing football when i was six years old and continued all the way through high school. At six I played my first year of football in Buffalo. Then I moved to New Orleans with my Dad because he had custody of me and met a girl that was from there. I played in New Orleans until I was nine and moved back to Buffalo where I played the rest of my career out. I have known that I wanted to play football in college since I was a kid. As soon as I started I didn’t want to stop playing.

My Dad has always wanted me to play as well and his expectations are high for me. He has goals that he wants me to achieve. My Father gets on me about football and pushes me through the process. I think it is good he pushes me because it makes me want to play more and will ultimately help me achieve my goal. He gets on me every time I talk to him on the phone and he always says “you better make that team, you are a hell of a good football player.” My biggest goal growing up was to play in the NFL. That seems pretty far away now and I have always known I at least want to play in college. So I want the chance to play for Bowling Green to prove that I can play football and that I am a good player. I also want to show how much dedication I put into the game. I have put so much time into the weight room and running to prepare me to make the team. It is the one thing I am good at and people always say “find something that you are really good at” and I believe its football.