Dawn - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: birth

I believe child birth is the greatest gift of all. Some may disagree because of the nine months of pain, discomfort, tiredness, gaining weight, and then there’s always the moment of truth, the labor. Although this is a gift, it’s something only a woman can experience and not every woman can. It is in high comparison with helping a woman deliver a baby. Imagine being in a hospital with a couple whose is going to have their first child. Their both so nervous, rushed, frazzled with the nurses coming in and out, calling of relatives, and the contractions are becoming closer and stronger. In between you hear “I love you push baby push…1-2-3—10.” In the middle of the contractions the mother to be sobs “It Hurts, oh my God, here comes another one”. “Again, push; you can do it…1-2-3—10”. After what may be 30 minutes or 15 hours, which seems like an eternity, the miracle that brought us here has decided to join us finally. With a usually loud grown, tears streaming down their faces and the strongest push she had given yet, the newest member of their family arrives. It is amazing; in this one minute how the whole world changes; the pain, fear, nervousness, anticipation of would happen, the discomfort of the last nine months that you though would never end, all disappears. The tears, they don’t stop, they too change instantly, they’re tears of happiness, gratefulness, pride, peacefulness, and the joy of knowing your love created this beautiful child.

I have never in my life seen something as wonderful as this. I given birth three times and assisted in deliveries eight, this is the miracle of life. Although coming for two different points of view. You know the old saying “seeing is believing”, I believe in this. For those of you who just can’t take watching a birth, try thinking of it as life 101 and you will come out wiser and more appreciative then when you went in. you might even call on god that night and say “Thank You, for the gift you give everyday”.