One world

Oge - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I look at the world before us today, shadowed in its perspective and diverted from its goal, but beneath all these frivolities I see very clearly what most of us are blinded to. I see vividly what the world of today has failed to see, I see a world with great perspective, where people of all races are seen as equals, where man can put something other than himself first, where people think before they act, where people can surpass their lust for money, where people are aware of the future and try to preserve the earth. I believe that there is a way we can surpass all these acts we partake in today and concentrate on what is really important, being one world.

I am aware of all the things we can achieve as one world. The places we can go, the people we can save, and the futures we can secure. To achieve our goal as one world I know it takes me and you and I believe that if we work in diligence and forbearance we will achieve this goal.