I Believe in Passion

Chase - Alpine, Utah
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a… bit of a misfit. Not an outcast or out of the social loop, just not completely normal. I don’t listen to the usual music, I don’t eat a lot of sugar, I don’t hate exercise, and I am very passionate about things that I do.

To me, passion is the emphasis on life. If I don’t feel passionate about something I will rarely end up doing it. I play paintball, I love it, and I even control the website for the team Pineapple Paintball. If I didn’t have that passion the site would never get updated; it would never get completed, and our games would never get listed on the site. Homework, I have an extreme lack of passion for most things school related, they get done, but not fast, not with emphasis, and usually not with any real meaning behind it. I just get it done.

I snowboard. Those snowboard parks are riddled with misfits, not like me, but like themselves. They’re their own unique person, yet we share one thing. We’re passionate about snowboarding. We have a drive to get faster, carve harder, jump higher, and land that perfect trick. The passion is what gives the world its real action. When someone feels passionate about something they get the job done, and they get it done well.

If there was no one passionate about the oil crisis right now would there be any oil alternatives popping up? Would they have made cars that can run off of nothing but water? I don’t think they would. The people who are passionate about certain things bring about change in the world, and they are the driving force behind our technological breakthroughs.

I do believe that inventors were misfits too, misfits who were passionate enough about their area of expertise enough to bring a change to it. Misfits because others weren’t so strong willed, weren’t so driven to do something better than the rest.

I believe that those misfits live and breathe in an atmosphere of passion. That although their passions changed to and fro with their interests, they were the go getters. They didn’t just do things, they did them right, and they tried their hardest to do them better. Our world is driven by misfits, ones like you and me, passionate about what we do. Everyone’s got a little misfit in them. Maybe about different things, but we got it.

Passion runs our world, passion given by the “misfits” who live in their passionate atmospheres. Each their own passions, and own beliefs making them unlike the others. We run the world. We bring change. All of us who make better at everything that we do. I believe that the passion of the misfits everywhere makes our world better.