This I Believe

Shahlini - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being different. While some may think that being different is just not their “thing.” But for me being different and having originally is everything. Being black and have an unordinary name, along with having glasses at a young age just for starters are different. For years as a child can remember when I was the only black girl to live on my street and to be someone who looked different in a class of sometimes thirty. So when I realized that that was not normal and I was different, it was a little weird to me. I never felt that I was different after all, like all the other kids I just wanted to play and enjoy being a child like the rest. But the reality of it was that I was different and I did not look like the rest. But this has caused me to appreciate and truly believe that being different is just fine. Now I know I’m different and accept it I mean I like being different! This has caused me to learn and respect those who are different from me. Not only has it caused me to just do that but I have adapted to being different that I try making my style different also.

Being someone that was different and still is I have come up that it is really an advantage in my mind. I think that not looking and being the same gives someone the chance to be their selves and not what TV or what America portrays. Also, that lead me to think for my self and that is taking a chance and being different. So finally I will continue to be different by wearing my glasses sometimes, being black, dressing the way I do, and just being me!