beauty essay

nadia - houston, Texas
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe paper

What do I believe beauty is? Is it a model, nature, or appearance? But beauty to me is what’s inside. It’s what makes a person who there really are. What they shine what at and what their talent is. It’s the inside that matters the most. I really don’t care what people look like that really doesn’t matter to me but, what matters the most is what their personality is like. Like in my humanities class we had to do a project where we were blind for a day. At first I thought ok easy all my friends are going to help me. But that really changed my mind when it came to the day that I was blind. I thought I was going to see beauty the same after this project. But before I did this project I really thought beauty was models and fit women. But my mind changed when I did my project. When I started my project people were tripping me and bumping me into walls. I felt hurt and some of my friends were trying to trip me on the stairs and bump me into walls. The people who I thought were my friends were really jerks. And I really didn’t see who they were inside. As my day went by I really noticed that it was beautiful in the morning. Since I have free time during school for 30 minutes I always do something like text. But today it was different. Today I actually saw how people who saw me sitting by myself come help me and talk to me. And I saw how the birds sang and how beautiful it was. I never really noticed how it was beautiful. By this point of my day I was opening my mind and seeing how everything was different and beautiful, but really how I got connected to my mind. Then came time for me to go to my humanities class. Will it was great at first till my teacher said we were going to watch a movie. I thought great I can finally take my blind fold off. But then came the disappointing part we still had to have our blindfolds on. But the worst part was we had to watch this movie. My first question was how I am suppose to watch a movie without looking at the TV. But then he told us try to visualize the movie in your mind. I tried at first it was hard then I got the hang of it. I started to see what was happening in my mind. It was so cool I was really watching the movie in my mind. And the whole movie got so much better and I didn’t have to see the TV screen.

When the movie ended we left to our next classes. For me it was a little hard because I couldn’t see where I was going and none of my friends came to help me out. Then this girl I didn’t know came to help me, at first I didn’t know who she was until I remembered who she was. She looked so mean but really she was so nice inside. When my day of blindness was done I was so relived and tried. But when I saw the world and my friends I saw them in a different way. A way I thought I could never see the world. Out of my 18 years I have been alive I never really stopped and saw how the people I hang out with were. And how their personality should who they where. But this experience really changed how I look at people and who they are. It should me not to judge beauty on how they look but, how they are inside. I never thought that beauty was inside and not outside. This whole project changed my life and made me think in a different way I never thought I could.